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    Shenyang once was the founding emperor in the Qing dynasty. As the historical and cultural city, Shenyang was also the important international cultural exchange centre of Fengtian (Liaoning) Province during the Republic of China era. During the People's Republic period, it was a heavy industrial city in the north and an important political and economic centre. After Forty years of reform and opening-up, the urbanization has caused Shenyang to lose a lot of factories and old houses while the economy is transforming. Ailleurs museum plays as one of the forces in which to protect cultural and industrial remains and we hope to reshape Shenyang culture with industrial civilization.


    Ailleurs Residency Shenhe (沈河) Site is located at the very centre part of Shenyang City. The apartment faced The Mukden Palace (Imperial Palace), with almost 1 minute of access to the most lively commercial street (Zong Jie), shopping malls, restaurants and metro station, 10 mins walk to Ailleurs Museum. On Tiexi (铁西) Site is the Fengtian Factory on Beiyi Road located at the west town. The predecessor can be traced back to the Fengtian Factory of Daxinxing Co., Ltd (大信兴产株式会社) during the Republic of China era. Fengtian Factory is now transforming into a Culture District.


    To know more about Shenyang's history, check on the award-winning documentary Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks (铁西区) direct by Chinese director Wang Bing (王兵).

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    French composer Paul Clouvel giving performance at the Fengtian Factory.

    Ailleurs Residency is partnered with Institut Supérieur Des Beaux Arts and has been hosting Chinese-French artist exchange program since 2016, now we are open up to artist, curators, writers, and designer from around the world to apply for 1-3 month length of stay. We aim to support artists in their emerging/mid-career state can benefit from the industrial site and historical heritage. Applicants from all nationalities, any art or design background are welcome to apply.


    What we offered

    • Participation to all of our events such as Traditional Chinese tea ceremony class, children’s art workshop, weekly film screening, lectures 
    • 50% discount to Ailleurs Coffee Shop
    • Resource of Profoto photograph equipment
    • Assists to meet with Chinese artists and to source art materials
    • Monthly open studio
    • Exhibition opportunity at the museum or Feng-Tian Factory Culture District


    Artist Should Cover


    Ailleurs Residency is a self-funded program with a limited budget, we cover management and maintenance and partial financial support with our partner, but we are unable to cover the renting, stipend for living expenses, materials or airfare. We encourage artist look for funding and we can provide support documents.


    For more information about the Program fee please contact: residency@ailleurslab.com
    Follow us on Instagram: @ailleursresidency


    Application Form

    Apartment & Studio Facilities


    The apartment with a living room, 2 bedrooms (1 single room/1 double room), dining room, and a shared kitchen and bathroom.

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    Ailleurs Residency's artist studio is located at the back of the Ailleurs Museum. Although artist working on research-based or who doesn’t need a big studio are welcome to work at the apartment, we do provide a big sharing studio space with decent working facilities.

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