展覽 “木乃伊在哈德斯菲爾德” 2012年4月

    The idea of emotionally led choices about materials, such as the feel, both emotionally and touch, touching with curiosity, sensitivity and appreciation.


    “When we touch an object we also have the feeling of being touched. The sensations of touching and being touched give rise to emotion, association, memory and imagination.”— Rosalyn Driscoll


    This is an exhibiting haptic sculpture, my insights come from people who watch, touch and feel my sculpture, touching allows us to know directly the properties and meanings of materials, I record people’s reactions and descriptions of their haptic experience of my art as well.

    My sculpture is like a human body, a mummy, it should not be here, in our general life, but I exhibit it in a certain environment ---- in university, many of students and teachers, is an interesting experiment, welding and it appears it also scares people, most find it interesting and they are curious, people also find that there is someone inside and it's scary nonetheless.


    I want people touch it with any different means, theirs own ways, head, hands, legs, shoulders etc...


    It gives me different ideas and reflections. Can peoples want to touch it if it is just an object without its figure? Because it looks like a human but not really is, and what people regard it as? A person? An animal? Or an object? We live in a certain environment and our accustomed way of life, and get used to losing our curiosities, losing our interests in all things.

    This sculpture means something to me, it gives me more meditation, what’s the relationship between humans and objects, and between subjective and objective, It tests our curiosity, sensibility and sense of existence.

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