Noriyuki MURAKI 村木纪之--『地图 · 景』Mapscape系列作品收藏展 | 別處美術館

日本藝術家Noriyuki MURAKI村木紀之自2017年簽約別處畫廊,在結束一些列於巴黎和盧森堡等地個展後開始從歐洲轉戰亞洲市場,2017年至今設工作室於台北,展覽於台北,高雄,瀋陽,東京和巴黎。本次畫廊將展出收藏2011至2017年『地圖 · 景』系列作品,是別處美術館落地瀋陽開館至今首次完整展出全部村木紀之現存於中國大陸的『地圖 · 景』系列作品。

Noriyuki MURAKI, a Japanese artist, signed a contract with Ailleurs Gallery in 2017. After finishing the solo exhibitions in Paris and Luxembourg, he began to move to Asian market from Europe. He has set up a studio in Taipei, exhibit in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Shenyang, Tokyo and Paris. This time, Ailleurs Gallery will exhibit the "Mapscape" series works of Noriyuki MURAKI from 2011 to 2017. It is the first time that Ailleurs Gallery fully exhibit all the current "Mapscape" series works of Noriyuki MURAKI in mainland China since we established Ailleurs Arts Museum in Shenyang.

Noriyuki MURAKI 村木紀之







他喜歡一個人騎小輪車上山下山,幾年的時光裡幾乎走遍了法國弗朗什孔泰省所有的山川美景。用法國貝桑松高等美術學院院長徳維茲先生的話說,“誰說他(村木紀之)不像是個法國人呢,他的作品結合了東西方的精華,我更希望他是一位法國藝術家!” 2009年我與村木相識於這所法國高等美院,當時怎麼也想不到我可以成為幫助他改變人生軌蹟的人。

2011年他畢業離開貝桑松前往巴黎發展,我於2013年畢業並在兩年後轉往台北發展,2016年秋天我回巴黎度假造訪村木位於巴黎的工作室。五年間他獨自一人在巴黎發展得中規中矩,因為年輕所以精力充沛,在2011至2016年間他在巴黎輾轉卻大量創作,因為日本人的身份在巴黎既顯得孤單卻又有珍稀之處,每年都有參加大大小小的展覽,並且幸運的幾乎每年都會與不同畫廊合作個展。雖然2008年金融海嘯後的歐債危機使得歐洲的經濟疲軟,但他作為剛剛出道的青年藝術家作品優秀,價格誘人,自然引得不少藏家出手,也獲得一些在歐洲非常著名的日本前輩的提攜共同展覽。但終究單純靠出售作品的收入無法支撐他在巴黎的職業發展所需,外加一些生活方式上的種種不適,2016年的這次相聚竟成為村木轉戰亞洲的關鍵時刻。 2016年底,他投奔我隻身來到台北。我剛剛重新翻修的桃園龍潭工作室成為他在台灣的落腳點,也在後面很長一段時間作為他的工作室使用,在一年間我為他在桃園舉辦首場名為『軌跡』的個展,進而在一年後請他到瀋陽參加『軌跡—村木紀之&林志民雙個展』的開幕儀式。這個時空轉移成為了村木職業藝術生涯的新起點,努力勤奮的他終於在2018年迎來了爆發,他近十年來的作品陸續得到了台北一些重要藝術機構的認可,並在2018年台北新藝術博覽會上取得全售出的成績,2019年更是獲得來自高雄和東京的畫廊的邀約展出,在各家合作畫廊的支持下他的作品市場價格從2017年開始實現每年以15%的幅度增長。

『地圖 · 景』Map+Scape,村木紀之所畫並非地圖,而是日本人從小成長和賴以生存的島嶼與食物。系列作品的主視覺都是魚/蝦/蟹類海洋生物,細看構成主視覺形象的骨架和顏色似乎像是通過衛星俯瞰地球所呈現的島嶼/城市/道路,尤其像是夜晚燈火通明的城市與公路構成的生活網。所謂地圖卻並沒有刻意指向哪個城市,靈感來源於日本島的“海馬”形狀,島嶼與海岸線的邊界線意味著生命,也構成了日本人對於生活的基本認知。出師於黑崎彰大師水印木版畫專長的村木紀之把自從在日本學習時期的水印木版畫技術和富有科技感的視覺構成經驗用在『地圖 · 景』系列作品的創作,並在留學法國接觸更多當代藝術表達語言後延續和發展了這一系列的觀念性和理論基礎。 2020年別處畫廊按計劃展出村木紀之2011至2017年『地圖 · 景』系列作品,並已計劃於2021年六月展出他2018年後作品。我們期待為簽約藝術家村木先生尋找中國大陸地區潛在藏家,提供展期內預約洽談和觀展,展期後的長期收藏諮詢。


2020年4月3日 瀋陽


He likes to ride a BMX uphill alone, and has seenalmost all the scenery in France's Franche Comté in a few years. Mr. Devèze, the dean of Institut supérieur des beaux-arts de Besançon in France, said, "Who said he (Noriyuki MURAKI) is not like a French? His work combines the essence of the Eastern and the Western culture, and I hope he is a French Artist!" I met Noriyuki MURAKI in 2009 at this school. I never thought I could be the one who helped him change his life.

He graduated from Besançon in 2011 and went to Paris. I graduated in 2013 and transferred to Taipei for development two years later. In the fall of 2016, I went back to Paris for a vacation and visited his studio in Paris. Because he was young and energetic at the time, he created a lot of works from 2011 to 2016 and developed well. Because of his Japanese identity, he looked lonely but rare in Paris. Fortunately, he works with different galleries and participates in exhibitions almost every year.

Although the financial crisis in 2008 weakened the European economy, Noriyuki MURAKI , as a young artist who has just debuted, his excellent works and attractive prices naturally attracting many collectors, and also receiving some support from part of the most famous Japanese seniors in Europe. However, the in come from selling the works can not support his professional career in Paris. At the same time, it was difficult for him to adapt to different lifestyles, and our meeting became a turning point for Muraki to return to Asia. At the end of 2016, he came to Taipei alone and lived in the Taoyuan Longtan studio that I just renovated, and also used it as his studio for a long time. In one year, I held the first solo exhibition for him in Taoyuan called "Trajectory", and then a year later he was invited to Shenyang to participate in the opening ceremony of "Tracks-Noriyuki MURAKI & Lin Zhimin Exhibition". This transformation became a new starting point for Muraki's artistic career and ushered in explosive success in 2018. His works in the past ten years have been recognized by some important art institutions in Taipei, and all the works has been sold out at the 2018 "Art Revolution Taipei". In 2019, he was invited to exhibit at galleries from Kaohsiung and Tokyo. With the support of various partner galleries, the market price of his works has increased by 15% annually since 2017.

Muraki's paintings "Mapscape" are not maps, but islands and food that the Japanese grew up in and depend on. The main visuals of the series are all marine creatures such as fish, shrimp, crab. Looking closely at the skeleton and colors that constitute the main visual image, it seems like the islands, cities, roads presented by satellite overlooking the earth, especially like the brightly lit city at night Life network composed of highways. The so-called map does not point to a certain city. The inspiration comes from the "seahorse" shape of the Japanese island. The boundary between the island and the coastline means life, and it also constitutes the Japanese's basic understanding of life. Muraki was taught by Master Kurosaki's expertise in woodblock watermark, use the print techniques to rich the visual composition experience in the creation of "Mapscape". More contemporary art expresses language and continues to develop this series's conceptual and theoretical foundations.Ailleurs Gallery is now exhibiting Muraki's "Mapscape" series of works from 2011 to 2017, and plans to show Muraki's works created after 2018 in June 2021. We look forward to searching for potential collectors in mainland China, providing negotiations and visits during the exhibition period, and long-term collection consultation.

YANG Xiwen

3th April 2020 in Shenyang

『地圖 · 景』系列作品

地图·景 系列 | Land —2015

Drawing Paper, Colored pencils, Colored pens


70 × 100cm(不含框)

地图·景 系列 | Land —2017

Drawing Paper, Colored pencils, Colored pens


70 × 100cm(不含框)

地图·景 系列 | Land —2017

Drawing Paper, Colored pencils, Colored pens


70 × 100cm(不含框)

地图·景 系列 | Land —2017

Drawing Paper, Colored pencils, Colored pens


50 × 70cm(不含框)



2019 群島協奏曲 - Islands Concerto・禮物Marie's Gift・Kaohsiung・Taiwan

    島趣 - Mapscape・得藝美術館 Get Art Museum・Taipei

2017 軌跡 - Trajectory・Gallery Art 50 Plus・Taoyuan・Taiwan

2016 NORIYUKI MURAKI・Cercle Munster・Luxembourg・Luxembourg  

2015 ÎLOTSRIUM・Centre Culturel du Safran・Amiens・France   

2012 VIBRIUM・Galerie YR・Paris 

2011 Biennale de Lyon "RÉSONANCE"・Alliance Française de Lyon・Lyon


2019 Art Revolution Taipei・Taipei World Trade Center・Taipei

2018 Art Revolution Taipei・Taipei World Trade Center・Taipei

2017 Jeunes Artistes émergents・Galerie Akié Arichi・Paris  

        軌跡 (Trajectory)・J ART Gallery of Sofitel Shenyang Lido・Shenyang・China

2016 Shenzen International Art Fair・Shenzhen・China

2015 Bête d'Expo!・Grande Rue et Galerie Omnibus・Besançon

        Triés sur Volet 2・Galerie Brun Léglise・Paris      

        Trié sur Volet 1・Galerie Brun Léglise・Paris  

        Tous les Printemps du monde・Gymnase du Fort Griffon・Besançon

2014 Collections de la Galerie・Galerie Brun Léglise・Paris 

        Temporary Items 2・Le 204・Paris 

        Temporary Items・Le 204・Paris 

2013 Petits et Grands Formats・Galerie Brun Léglise・Paris 

         Fragmentations / Sédimentations・Galerie Françoise Souchaud・Lyon 

         Mouvements silencieux・Bains Douches・Besançon

2012 Attention Fragile・Grigny・Rhône-Alpes・France

         INTER-SECTIONS・Institut Franco-Japonais de  Kansaï・Kyoto・Japan

2011 Botanique Art・École Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Besançon・Besançon

『地图 · 景』/『Mapscape』


村木纪之/Noriyuki MURAKI


杨习文/YANG Xiwen

执行策展/Executive Curator

于梓辛/YU Zixin


别处美术馆/Ailleurs Arts Museum

展厅空间 / Venue

别处画廊/Ailleurs Gallery

展期 \ Exhibition Period 


展览门票 \ Ticket 

30 RMB 


(Free for children under 12, China military. 

40% off discount for elderly over 65 and students with student ID)

别处美术馆此次为展览融入了“声音”这种意像,打开地域与形式的“边界”,邀请“声音”走进美术馆。声音中的绘画,声音中的情绪,声音中的声音…… 我们想让画面藉由声音传递出抽象心灵的感知。艺术表现形式殊途同归,归于对心灵跳动的捕捉和返璞归真。别处的声音意象,借现代声音技术,展现艺术于生活之中。

结合日本艺术家村木纪之『地图 · 景』系列作品收藏展,观者亦可在展期前两周在现场体验到STAX品牌的匠心魅力。




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