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别处展讯 |『眼 · 界』—— 张磊个人作品展

Eye . Boundary


张磊是一位有多重身份的创作者,艺术家,策展人,美院教师,艺术经纪人,她生活和工作在澳门与沈阳,她兼顾“校内”与“校外”,求学背景从创作类学科到理论学科再到实践管理,作品从纸本绘画到行为影像再到装置雕塑,她在从小到大从没离开过的美术领域不停进步,不停尝试新的“边界”。张磊的创作一直围绕“眼睛”,本次个展『眼 · 界』将展出她近两年通过真实的身体在不同空间移动的“所见”、“所感”,跨越沈阳与澳门再到温哥华的边界,来与去,有和无,她用她身体不同部位的距离呈现一个个不同的视角,记录与打破着一个个不同的边界。『眼 · 界』作为张磊在国内首次个展,希望通过她的作品与别处美术馆特别的展示空间碰撞出奇异的灵感,这灵感要带给每位观展者对艺术,对艺术家,对艺术空间的新认知,也希望通过展览将别处美术馆长期学术研究主题“边界”与这位本地优秀艺术创作者本人联系在一起,将她勇敢的艺术实践以系统化和学术化的方式呈现给观众。


Zhang Lei is a multi-identity creator, artist, curator, Academy teacher, art agent who lives and works in Macau and Shenyang. From theoretical disciplines to practical management, from painting to performative moving images to installation sculptures, she has continued to improve in the art field that has never left since childhood, and constantly tries new“Border”.

Zhang Lei’s creation has always focused on “eyes”. This solo exhibition Eye · Boundarywill be showing what she had "seen" and "felt" through moving between different spaces in the past two years, crossing Shenyang and Macau to Vancouver. She uses a distance from different parts of her body to present a different perspective, recording and breaking different boundaries.

Eye · Boundary is Zhang Lei's first solo exhibition in China. I hope that through her works, we will have a bizarre inspiration with the exhibition space of the Ailleurs Arts Museum. The new cognition also hopes to link the long-term academic research theme “Border” of Ailleurs Arts Museum to the local outstanding art creator through the exhibition, and present her brave artistic practice to the audience in a systematic and academic way.


1. 多重身份:即艺术家,策展人,教师,艺术经纪人

2. 跨界:作品从纸面到影像再到立体,经历从创作类学科到理论学科

3. 行为影像:影像作品与身体尤其是眼睛相关,多角度的记录

4. 视角与边界 :看待作品的视角,来与去,有和无,记录与打破的边界


1. Multiple identities: artists, curators, teachers, art dealers

2. Cross-border: works from paper to moving image and three dimensional, from creative to theoretical

3. Performative video: The video works are related to the body, especially the eyes, and the multi-angle recording

4. Perspective and Border: Looking at the work with perspective, come and go, within and without, recording and breaking boundaries

装置作品 2019


温哥华个展《走眼》行为表演现场 2018



From Vancouver to Shenyang

The attention to the eyes has been going on, watching and being seen. Zhang Lei hides many "eyes" (cameras) in very corners of the body, unconsciously walking and recording. In addition to exhibiting the images of these differences perspective of "eyes" recorded in the exhibition "Eye · Boundary", she also brought her white dress with the white stickers putted on during her performance in Vancouver. The "eyes" brought back to their homes and stayed in Shenyang.

『眼 · 界』

学术主持/ Academic Host

李象群/LI Xiangqun


张磊/ZHANG Lei


杨习文/YANG Xiwen


别处美术馆/Ailleurs Arts Museum

展厅空间 / Venue


The first floor of East pavilion and basement space

展期 \ Exhibition Period


VIP预展 RSVP: 2019.11.9 17:30

展览门票 \ Ticket

30 RMB


(Free for children under 12, China military.

40% off discount for elderly over 65 and students with student ID)

《惜》纸本水彩 作品


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64-8 Xiaoxi Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

(former Fengtian British American Tobacco Company)


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