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這幾年瀋陽仲夏,竟然習慣接受了這種大汗淋漓,從而引發想做一件飽含熱情且可靜心感受的事情,於是設定了一個週期,嘗試只翻閱9本書,並通過一部手機關註一個現實事件,這樣的思考並通過討論竟然得出了一個當代藝術範疇內參與式展覽的構想。 《美的歷險》是九本書其中的一本,作者是英國藝術評論家威廉岡特先生,他在兩次世界大戰對人類藝術發展產生重大影響的背景下,客觀評價了19世紀末唯美主義思潮的興衰 ,表現了社會文化風尚的嬗替演變,揭示不同藝術門類的交互影響。對這種思維和時代變遷的深刻感受萌發了策劃《美的歷險—閱讀1928》的衝動。每個參與到這個展覽的人都是主角,是這關於美的行當的職業人,這不是一次被動的角色扮演,而是在一個實驗空間下發生的刺激的心理與感官遊戲,一次美的歷險。


Midsummer in Shenyang this year, Mr.Liu used to accept the sweat. This feeling makes him want to do something that is full of enthusiasm but can feel calm,so he set a cycle, tried to read only 9 books, and focused on a real event through a mobile phone. After such thinking and through our discussion, we have come up with a concept of participatory exhibitions in the field of contemporary art.. 《The Aesthetic Adventure》is one of the nine books, the author is British art critic Mr. William Gaunt. Against the background of World War II, which had a great impact on the development of human art, he objectively evaluated the rise and fall of aestheticism in the late 19th century. His intent was to show the evolution of social and cultural trends, and reveal the interactive influence of different art categories. Through the understanding of the author's thinking in the book and the profound feelings of the changes in the times, we sprouted the impulse to plan the exhibition "The Aesthetic Adventure - Reading 1928".

Every participant in this exhibition plays the leading role, They are professionals in the profession of aesthetics. This is not a passive role-playing, but a psychological and sensory game that takes place in an experimental space, a beautiful adventure.

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Reading a good book is an intellectual adventure and we prepared an experimental space to flip through nine well-prepared books in a building spanning 91 years. This recreation will make you feel the change of people's cognition of art under the background of two world wars,and experience the collision of different thoughts in art history.

We come to Shenyang in the present time and space. In this space that simulates time solidification, we try to separate ourselves from the real life, focus on the possible milestone events, resonate with real life and professional experience in reading. Think, ask questions immersed to this era, go back to this era, this city and our professional roles, and read ourselves through this short and beautiful adventure.

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How to join us?

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00AM-6:00PM

To participate in the first person experience exhibition,

Please make an appointment with the customer service number one day in advance.

If you have any questions, Please consult the customer service number.

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展览主办 \ Organizer

别处美术馆 \ Ailleurs Arts Museum

策展人 \ Curator

刘明琦 \ Liu Mingqi

王冠英 \ Wang Guanying

展期 \ Exhibition Period

VIP预展 9.21


展览门票 \ Ticket

30 RMB


(Free for children under 12, China military.

40% off discount for elderly over 65 and students with student ID)

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別处研究室 發現生活中的好靈感 設計策劃品牌的文化潛質

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