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『景物方言』趙弘君個展現場 Zhao Hongjun - Scenery Dialect Exhibition Opening


別處美術館今年的春天將以 趙弘君個展—景物方言 展開,展出以丹東半拉嶺村和201國道為主角的20件風景油畫和14件水彩作品。趙弘君出生於丹東,畢業於魯迅美術學院,離鄉遊歷多年的他最終於2012年回歸家鄉,從此致力描繪丹東在地的自然景致。展覽主題「景物方言」反映藝術家個人風格的建立和自我投射的心境,不斷重復觀看熟悉的景物並未限制趙弘君在繪畫形式上的探索,反而以類似「方言」的狀態,演繹出對土地的感性詮釋,凸顯在地特色。近年來趙弘君的鄉村風景畫作,由客觀地寫生逐漸內化成獨樹壹幟的語匯,畫中的丹東風土充滿中性色調,即使幾何的色塊更加抽象、簡單,觀者仍能從畫中去意會那片風景的風貌。當寫真與讀懂已不再重要,所謂傳統的風景畫也能打開與觀眾的開放式對話。

Ailleurs Arts Museum is happy to announce the solo exhibition of Zhao Hongjun’s “Scenery Dialect” will open this spring! The exhibition showcases twenty oil paintings and fourteen watercolour works featuring Dandong’s Half Ridge Landscape and 201 National Road. Born in Dandong, Zhao Hongjun graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. He has travelled far from home for many years and eventually returned to his hometown in 2012. He has since devoted himself to depicting the natural scenery of Dandong.
The theme "Scenery Dialect” reflects the artist's personal style and self-projection. Repeatedly watching the familiar scenes does not limit Zhao Hongjun's exploration of the form of painting. Instead, he developed a unique "dialect" to express his feelings about the land and highlights local characteristics.
In recent years, Zhao Hongjun's rural landscape paintings have been gradually transformed into a unique vocabulary from objectively sketching. Dandong landscape is full of neutral tones under his brush. Even if the geometrical colour blocks are more abstract and simple, the viewer can still read the undercover emotions. When paint realistically is no longer important, the so-called traditional landscape painting can also have an open dialogue with the audience.
展覽時間:2019.4.7 - 2019.5.20
美術館開館時間:周二至周日 10:00——18:00(周壹休館)
Exhibition period: 7.4.2019 - 20.5.2019
Opening Hour: Tuesday-Sunday 10 am- 6 pm (Monday closed)
Tour Guide period: 11 AM and 3 PM, Tuesday - Sunday
(Only the basement、first floor and second floor of the West Pavilion is open to visitors During the non-guided exhibition period,
Appointments for English Guided Tours every Friday)
Ticket: Adult 30 RMB
(Children under 12, China military for free,
40% off discount for Elderly over 65 and students)

半拉岭风景 -13 Half Ridge Landscape No. 13, 油画 oil on canvas, 2018, 160×120 cm

201国道风景 - 21 The 201 National Highway Landscape No.21, 油画 oil on canvas, 2018, 120×100 cm

201国道风景 - 1 The 201 National Highway Landscape No.1, 水彩 watercolour, 2019, 27.5×37.5 cm

半拉岭风景 -3 Half Ridge Landscape No. 3, 水彩 watercolour, 2018, 27.5×37.5 cm

201国道风景 - 2 The 201 National Highway Landscape No.2, 水彩 watercolour, 2019, 27.5×37.5 cm

201国道风景 - 3 The 201 National Highway Landscape No.3, 水彩 watercolour, 2019, 27.5×37.5 cm


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