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Florence Picard/芙洛倫斯.畢卡爾

——《Accidental entertainement》/偶然的娛樂

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芙洛倫斯.畢卡爾 1992年出生於法國,2015年畢業於貝桑松高等美術學院。





這種擦地板的表演,像跳舞一樣思考,反映了清潔工作的辛苦和不斷的活動。在枯竭,空虛的存在和追求意義的主題上,這種沉默的表演將使用清潔工具轉移到暫時投入的地方。英文“mopping”的含義:擦地面,以及“moping around”:感到憂鬱。這種行為表演引發了地面空間運動的動作與表達自己絕望的行為之間涵義關係的一種復原,仿佛終於從清理行為所產生的淨化象徵意義擺脫這種對於一開始以為似乎毫無意義的行動所引發的深深的失望。





Florence Picard, born in 1992 in France, graduated from Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts Besançon in 2015. Her work revolves around themes of violence, recreation, and concepts such as gesture and heroism. Her works meet the criteria of the conceptual movement of the contemporary art by claiming attitude as the foundation of the shape. Often interactives, her works disturb the public and create an experience both for the place and for the visitors who are involved in the work of art. The artist now lives and works in Paris.

« Moping (around) » performance, 2018.

This performance, thought of as a dance, is a reflection of the laborious and incessant activity of cleaning. Crossed by the themes of exhaustion, the emptiness of existence and the quest for meaning, this silent performance diverts the use of cleaning tools to invest the place in a temporary way. This performance has its source in the meaning of English "Mopping" : wipe the ground, and "moping around" : to feel melancholy. This performance leads to a rapprochement of meaning between the action leading to movement in the space of the ground and the action of expressing one's despair as if finally the symbolism of purification emanating from the act of cleaning made possible to get rid of this interior state of deep despondency by an action which at first sight seems to be meaningless.

« We are not alone in space, we are… » installation, 2017.

This work stems from the idea that from an absolute point of view, existence is expressed in an infinitely short space of reality. The figure of the astronaut refers to the one of a traveler whose destination is the unknown. The installation which constitutes a pattern on the walls gives a feeling of mass. We can read all the dark thoughts or hopeful thoughts written by the public invited to intervene alongside of the work of the artist.

« But what we have fun » embroidery, 2015.

Series in progress of embroidery representing scenes of game where the idea suspended of the death intervenes in the principle of distraction. To embroider in French in familiar language means «to add to a story details ». Here these little frames tell something of the history of our humanity through the object of our games. Sweet, joyous, candid, this falsely innocent child imagery shows leisure activities in which various forms of violence emerge from human activities.



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